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The Sign

The Signwas misunderstood by almost everyone: the Signer was grieved...a few understood...Pdf printout

A Deaf Messiah?

Is our Messiah Deaf?At one point in Isaiah, Messiah is referred to as Deaf? Is Messiah deaf? Only to that which is not of God...A great tract for sharing Messiah with the Deaf.

Deaf Messiah: Printout

The High Priest Has Died

In the City of Refuge, when the High Priest of the City Died, the refugee could go home... an art-tract in line drawing format.

A Rabbi Named Salvation

Not just any Rabbi, this one from Galilee: Even His very name meant Salvation: This Rose went by no other name than Y'shua

King of the Jews

King of the JewsWhat would it take to be King of the Jews? They have suffered beyond all, it would take more than a merely mortal religious leader....Asked in the context of the ShoahKing of the Jews: Printout

Man of Sorrows

He could be called by no other name, than Man of Sorrows. A comparison of the descriptions of Messiah in Isaiah 53 and the New Covenant

First Adam, Second Adam

When Adam Came there were many similarities to the Redeemer; When 2nd Adam came, it all became clear!

Schindler's Love

Schindler was made famous by Steven Spielberg, but he was not a very moral man. Still, he saw the Cost of a Jewish life more dearly than most ever have...a 15pg line-draw tract

Now Do You Believe I Love You?

Does God Love Israel? He has tried to say it in so many ways...Will Israel Listen? Could He say more?

The Seamless Garment

The Garment Jesus wore the Day he Died was seamless: fine and without flaw: the Garment he offers us because of Golgotha is also seamless...

Messiah will come on a Flying Carpet

A little boy sat in the middle of a concentration camp distraught the evening before Yom Kippur. An older rabbi came to him and told him to watch the sky, for Messiah might come on a flying carpet and take the Jews to Eretz Y'israel, the Land of Milk and Honey. He watched all day to no avail. He lost his faith. Messiah did come though to take His chosen people to Eretz Israel not very long after that: and today boys and girls play in the streets of Jerusalem again.

The Lamb who Never Spoke a Word

Shiloh was the King of all Lambs in Eretz Yisrael. Yet when this King of Lambs was arrested, beaten and slain, he spoke no word.....Why no words? The First in the 'Shiloh the Lamb' series

Lamb Born Blind (Shiloh series)

A Lamb born Blind? What would Shiloh be able to do for a Lamb like that? After all, the Wolves said he was only from Galilee... 2nd in Shiloh Series.

Lambs all o-o-o-over Eretz Y'israel

3rd in the Shiloh Series: What it takes to be a Lamb...

The End of Israel

Jacob had seen it all: the death of wives, his dearest son, starvation and hardship and war: but God was not even close to being finished with Israel, the Prince of God.

Outline Series: Holocaust Studies

Outlines in Curriculum Form on Holocaust Education: May be used for classroom, personal study or Bible topics study.

The Land Belongs to Israel

Does the Land of Israel belong to Israel? This tract is straight scripture showing the Land belongs to no other people but Israel.

Land Belongs to Israel:Online
Pdf Printout

Behold the God of Israel....

The God of Israel never slumbers or sleeps: it must sometimes seem so though...a short tract on a serious promise.Online Version

Whatever Happened to the Holy Spirit in the Baptist Church?

The Holy Spirit is Christ With Us: Why is there such denigrating of the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Baptist Church? Caution is critical, but denial is deadly

The God of Israel Never Sleeps

Unlike His weary Children, our Father never slumbers or Sleeps: this is His promise to us. A One-card way to share this reassurance.

Jewish Studies for the non-Jew

Outline Series:An Outline Series Suitable for Self-Study of Basic Knowledge of Jewish Life and Worship for the non-Jewish person.

One Lamb, One Sin

A one card tract with the simplest message: One lamb, one Sin; ONE Lamb: All Sin

The Last Sin He Saw

Everybody gambles with something: most with life. The last Sin Jesus saw from the Cross was soldiers gambling for His Robe. What would you gamble eternity on? A one card tract.

Jews not Wanted Here?

A historical photograph of a German sign forbidding Jews from entering a park: directly next to a Crucifix: discusses the tragedy of Anti-Semitism for the Christian.

A More Excellent Way

Why I chose the Gospel instead of Psychology. A testimony of me, Elizabeth Best, on the decision to leave the Philosophy of the world for something utterly genuine.

Who Say Ye that I Am?

The Question of Centuries to which All must respond. A one-card tract.

Dear Pastor

An Open Letter to the Clergy urging loving doctrine to combat vile Anti-Semitism...based upon a real experience

Blessed Be the Lord God of Israel....

Wondrous Things are Promised in the word of God: He only doeth wondrous things. read more....


Messiah! is a pamphlet tract reviewing the covenants and promises of Messiah. Asks the question whether Jesus was Messiah.

Is Psychology for Christians?

Is Psychology for Christians?: Not what I say, but what the most famous Psychologists have said about the psychology they teach, preach and practice. ....

Shabbat Shalom

Perfect Sabbath Peace: What is it? Or Who Is It? What do we mean when we say "Shabbat Shalom

The Pearl

Israel is the Pearl: Jesus told a gospel parable in which a man forsakes everything for the one item of value: a pearl. For us, it is the Kingdom of God, for Him, it was Israel.

Day He Died

A PowerPoint tract: The Day He Died the sky turned black, there was an earthquake, and graves opened: at the end of time God's wrath is parallel... Go Here

Jesus Signs

A simple, barely-verbal tract for witnessing to the Deaf: especially for those with literacy problems.
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