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Judah's Glory has been on the net since 1997, founded in 1987. Please feel free to use the materials on the site for the purpose of teaching the Gospel: you may make as many copies as you like, but our policy is to make them available for free, in their original format. Many blessings!

Judah's Glory was founded in 1987 by Elizabeth K. Best, initially as a ministry for bible studies and other publicationElizabeth Kirkley Best, Director materials, and has expanded over the years. The ministry includes bible studies for children and adults, free workbooks and downloadable bible study workbooks, music for worship and meditation, in the past several years has added audio teaching online. Recently as an offshoot, research on bible issues and topics has been conducted, and this overall ministry gave 'birth' to Shoah Education Project Web, (shoaheducation.com) and Shoahrose.com, online sites for the study of the church in the Shoah or Holocaust. All materials are by Elizabeth K. Best unless otherwise noted: a few in the beginning were by S. Best or B. Best. As we move, we will begin a weekly bible study and worship time, and plans are to develop healing services and aid for those mourning a loss as well. Judah's Glory maintains a Messianic Worldview and doctrinal stance, and has a 'relaxed' Torah observant position (e.g.observance of holidays, shabbat, and the commandments). Your ministry is welcome to download and freely use without cost our bible studies and other material; we ask only that there be no modifications in doctrine, writing or appearance, and that you in turn make no charge for the materials. You may add "Distributed by _______________(name of your ministry), a line included at the end of most of the pdf studies. Our expectation and hope is in the return of the Lord and Savior, Yshua HaMeschiach, Jesus Christ, of Nazareth and Heaven, the King of the Jews. Many Blessings

Contact: Director & Author: Elizabeth Kirkley Best
Judah's Gloryor elizabeth.best@gmail.com
Mailing Address: Judah's Glory: 4524A Cinnamon Ridge Trail, Eagan MN 55122 (new address)
PLEASE NOTE: We are not in Wisconsin anymore. Judah's Glory has relocated .
Phone: (920)242-0649

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